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It’s a Creative Marketplace…

12 September 2013

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Production and Design

If you’ve been around Cardiff this week, you’ll have no doubt spotted the World Stage Design market carts around the city. But instead of selling apples and pears, the carts have been taken over by performers, theatre companies and artists to showcase their creative ideas and projects.


RWCMD students and volunteers constructed the carts in the College workshops, using reclaimed timber and other materials sourced from local scrapyards. The finished carts were a blank canvas for groups and individuals to decorate and use as they wished – to entertain, inform and provoke discussion.


Acting duo The Anne Frank Experience (above) showcased a new performance from theirs; Welsh language company Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru created a base to network with attendees from across the globe; and Green Stage incorporated theirs into the set for their Transplantable Living Room show.

Designer Fiona Watt, who created the project said: “The key thing about the market carts is their portability and accessibility,  which means we can take them out into the community, to Cardiff city centre, and build links with new audiences, and let creative people try out new ideas in a new arena.”