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NEW 2017: Hush

24 March 2017

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Three stories linked by guilt, secrets and a missing boy come together in Hush, a new play by Alison Carr about returning to a place you used to live.

The story swirls around three people, their individual stories interconnect and interchange and actually affect each other.

What you get is a sense of the community, and I think it’s interesting because it’s kind of dark and set in a place that feels moody but at the same time it’s a story about everybody, it’s a story for everybody.

You can see yourself in some of the characters; I definitely do.”

Hannah Banister, Director

Director Hannah Banister (right) in rehearsals with final year actors

Hush was created in collaboration with Paines Plough.

The play will be showing at RWCMD from 28-31 March and at the Gate Theatre in London from 5-8 April.