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NEW 2017: The Last Ambulance

The Last Ambulance - RWCMD NEW17

24 March 2017

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The Last Ambulance explores the human condition, the decisions we make, and our journey to current existence.

An experiment in received musical structure, this play by writer and composer, Conor Mitchell uses size of scenes, word repetitions and patterns to express musical form as a play.

NEW is really quite an incredible thing for a college to produce,” says director Gethin Evans.

“It’s the second year that the Sherman Theatre have been involved, and it’s a brilliant opportunity to work on a piece of challenging and contemporary new writing, the opportunity to create a piece for a cast of eight, and to offer that process to student designers, performers and stage managers.”

I think audiences need to come to see it because its new writing and also because it’s a sort of an Irish/Welsh collaboration, which you very rarely see.”

Conor Mitchell, Writer

Rehearsal shots of The Last Ambulance

The Last Ambulance was created in collaboration with Sherman Theatre.

The play will be showing at RWCMD from 28-31 March and at the Gate Theatre in London from 5-8 April.