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Cardiff: The UK’s Cheapest City for Students


15 August 2017

It’s official! RWCMD’s home city has hit the top spot as the most affordable city for students in the Natwest Student Living Index for 2017.

We spoke to new Student’s Union President and RWCMD graduate, Lloyd Pearce about living in Cardiff (he’s been studying here for the past 6 years!).

“Cardiff is, for me, the ideal student city.

I completed both my Undergraduate and my Postgraduate courses at the College – one of the main reasons it was such an attractive offer was because Cardiff’s so affordable.

The advantage of having a modest rent and living cost means that as a student you can go out and experience the city – visit bars, see concerts and eat out – without having to constantly worry about your bank balance.”

Read more stats from their report about average spending here.

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