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Masterclass with Hermione: Rakie Ayola Returns to RWCMD


21 September 2017

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What better way to celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter than with a masterclass from Hermione?

Last term, RWCMD alum Rakie Ayola returned to College to give a physical theatre masterclass to our acting cohort.

The second of the College’s graduates to go on to join “the most important theatrical event of a generation, Rakie takes the place of Olivier Award winner, Noma Dumezweni as an adult Hermione in the stage production, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

2015 graduate Anthony Boyle, who received critical acclaim for his role as Scorpius in the play, passes the baton (or wand!) to Rakie as the cast changes for the first time since opening.

And unsurprisingly, Rakie’s portrayal of the nation’s favourite HP character has already received glowing reviews.

“Ayola gives the show’s stand-out performance. This is a stunning, brand new Hermione. She’s less matriarchal, less assured than Noma Dumezweni, closer to the Hermione from the books, gleefully pally with Harry at moments, formidable at others.

As the twists of the plot demands, she fractures into alternate versions of herself with absolute ease and conviction, sometimes broken and bitter, sometimes devastatingly moving, as when she runs desperately across the stage to embrace her daughter.”

The Stage *****

Rakie’s masterclass was the 20th out of 24 masterclasses for final year actors last term – certainly a busy way to end the year!

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