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Meet Clara – Flat 9

12 March 2018


Here’s my flatmate Clara from Leicestershire, who is studying an MA in Design for Performance, specialising in Costume Design.

Clara’s room is undoubtedly the best furnished room in Flat 9, equipped with a record player and a flamingo door stop. Her array of vintage outfits are equally amazing; we often find Clara working on her designs or creating her own items of clothes in the kitchen. She also often bakes homemade bread and cakes, being the self-confessed ‘Mum’ of the flat!

In her vlog, Clara tells you all about her experience here in Cardiff, including how she felt when she first moved in and her favourite thing about studying her course at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. Clara says:

“I would say the best thing is the people, because you just get these incredible people who you’d never ever think of meeting and they’re all in one room and you’re all having a laugh. It’s really collaborative and everyone really works together to get somewhere, it’s really lovely and you make friends for life I’d say.”

Take a look at everything she had to say, including some of her favourite experiences since moving here.

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