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Meet Jose – Flat 9

15 March 2018


Here’s my flatmate Jose from Hull (accompanied – for no apparent reason – by a stuffed monkey). Jose is studying an MA in Design for Performance, specialising in Lighting Design. As you can probably tell, I enjoyed filming this vlog with Jose – I’ve had to edit out quite a lot of laughter (this video was originally 15 minutes long…).

Jose is enjoying his time here in Cardiff; he is currently working on a College production and is also part of Cardiff Lions Rugby Club, attending practice in his spare time.

Apart from his interview day, Jose had never been to Cardiff before moving here. However, he now feels at home in the city, Jose says:

“Now that we’re in term two, I really feel as if Cardiff and the College are like my home and I’ve definitely made friends for life, at the College, at the flat and also I joined a local rugby club…so I’ve also made friends outside the College as well.”

Have a look at what he had to say (watch until the end to get introduced to the monkey too…).

MA Arts Management