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Meet Conor and Jodie – Flat 9

21 March 2018


Meet Conor and Jodie, the last two of my lovely flatmates, who are both studying the MA in Musical Theatre here at College.

It’s been great living with two talented and down to earth performers; I get to overhear them practising in the flat, through to watching them perform on stage in Christmas on Broadway and their upcoming Revue.

Here’s their highly entertaining vlog (and the final vlog of the #flat9 series). In their vlog, they tell you all about their favourite flat memories and the best things about their course here at College. They’ve also taken Jose’s lead and decided to be accompanied by some stuffed animals.

Conor also summaries the best thing about studying a Postgraduate course here at College.

“It’s so lovely to be surrounded by people who are so in to what they do…you’re surrounded by people at Postgrad level who have worked to get here. We’ve all come from different backgrounds but we all have such a drive to work.”

Jodie adds

“The standard of teaching is also next level, the teachers are so passionate about what they do…it just infects you.”


Have a look at what they’ve got to say (watch until the end to hear their musical goodbye)…

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