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Richard Burton Company: Spring Season

8 February 2019

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Production and Design

The Richard Burton Company Spring Season:

Three women, three stories, three plays: Machinal, Thérèse Raquin and What We Know. 

The white set for Machinal conveys a clinical, almost panic room environment, to reflect the central characters mental turmoil, explained stage manager Lily Davies.

Preparing for the photo shoot: Ruby Hartley as ‘young woman’ with stage manager Lily Davies and Emily Behague, deputy stage manager

Cara Hood is the lighting designer working on this production with director Sean Linnen, set designer Jack Valentine and costume designer Yiwen Lin.

The promotional photo, Credit: Kirsten McTernan

“A white set can initially be daunting as a lighting designer, because it bounces light like crazy and can easily look flooded and swamped, making dark, intimate scenes difficult to create,” said Cara.

Machinal, photography Mark Douet,

“However, creatively, a white set is like a plain canvas.

It offers a wonderful opportunity to cover the set with saturated colours which in turn can be very effective in creating alternative locations and moods; using a deep blue across the set to create a dark space, coupled with the contrasting orange glow of tungsten to create pockets of light, those desired intimate spaces can be created.

A large, stark white set compliments the idea of lunacy within the play, and with just a hint of green it can easily look clinical and uncomfortable, which  I feel that this suits our production of Machinal very well.”

Thérèse Raquin, photography Simon Gough


What We Know, Photography Kirsten McTernan

The productions are on at the College until February 12th.

The feature image shows Ruby Hartley as ‘young woman’ with Jack Valentine, set designer, Lily Davies, stage manager and costume designer Yiwen Lin. Credit: Kirsten McTernan