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Giant Props Project 2019: Cakes, Aliens & Chandeliers

8 May 2019

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Production and Design

Props to our first year and MA Design for Performance students for their Summer Term Giant Props Project – this year bringing us everything from a Super-sized sponge cake to a lurking alien.

Working together in teams of four or five they’ve created the kind of professional props that could be used in theatre, TV or film.

“The students were given a brief to create five props, and then they chose the materials and methods with which to create them,” explains Rorie Brophy, lecturer in Production and Design.

“The aim is to give them the broadest range of different making experiences, using traditional materials and techniques including polystyrene, silicone, resin, plaster, timber and fiberglass.”

“For a lot of the students it’s also their first time using the design software that helps them to prepare their designs for workshop production.“

You can see a timelapse of the whole project here:

Mindful of the environmental impact of their work, this year the students wanted to focus on reducing this by keeping an accurate account of all the waste generated.

They plan to develop this further, creating an “Environmental Sustainability” objective to be used in future projects from the very beginning of the design process.

Post-graduate student Julia Pacificador worked on the crystal chandelier with fellow designers Emily Nelson, Ellen Collings and Oscar Morris, with support from the rest of the group.

Team work and planning were essential components of the process:

“With Rorie’s guidance, we made sure that we broke down each section of the chandelier, and each element was well thought out.

From using the design software to the laser-cutter, as well as the clay moulding to the casting of each mould, we created everything we needed in our little room by delegating every task and assisting each other whenever necessary.”

“From the very beginning, we were told what materials would most likely be involved and for the most part, we stuck to what was originally discussed.

This was a great help as it meant we were able to calculate how much of each item we needed, and maximize the materials that were available to us, which created as little waste as possible.

Although we had to work really hard, we were able to achieve what we’d envisioned. It was incredibly satisfying for us to see our chandelier lit up.”

The free Giant Props Exhibition is in the College’s Southern Foyer until Sat 1 June.

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Giant Cake – Liv Jones, Tier Dore, Bea Vina Miller, Emeli Hartness

Alien – Louis Smith, Dan Southwell, Yu Song, Coraline Chen

Sleeping Beauty – Mellissa Pettitt , Faith Huckelby, Hetti Kitson, Em Spoor, Flora Mealyou

Persian Statue  – Constance Canavarro De Morais Tavares Si, Jo Loftin, Ruby Brown, Lucy Russing, Marietta Korszniak

Chandelier – Julia Pacificador, Oscar Morris, Emily Nelson, Ellen Collings