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Tim Routledge: From the Spice Girls to Stormzy

24 September 2019

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Stage Management

Since graduating from RWCMD in 1996, Tim Routledge has lit up the world with stunning shows for the biggest names in music and popular culture, from ITV’s X Factor to Beyoncé.

But 2019 was a new high: not only was he appointed as the College’s first Hodge International Chair in Stage Management, and won Lighting Designer of the Year for the second time…

But he also created ground-breaking shows for the Spice Girls at Wembley, and won the Royal Television Society ‘Lighting for Multicamera’ Award for the incredible Stormzy performance which made Glastonbury history:

This show, which Tim and his crew only had an hour to build in between acts at Glastonbury, was an overwhelming success.

Taking a different approach to staging the usual music set, it told a story throughout the performance, with all the theatrical challenges that brings with it.

The Stormzy show also won Tim one of his two Knight Of Illumination Awards:

The other was for Mercury Prize-winning rapper Dave’s Psychodrama at Brixton Academy.

Let’s not forget the Spice Girls tour earlier in the year….

Having watched the Spice Girls himself at Wembley back in 1998, Tim never expected to be delivering the lighting for the 2019 stadium tour, which featured the biggest lighting rig he had ever designed.

He also got to work with fellow College graduate and costume designer Gabriella Slade.

Two RWCMD graduates become one… Tim Routledge directed the lighting while Gabriella Slade led costume design. credit @timmsy 

“I always base my designs firstly on how I want to light the artist.

So for the girls it was about glamour and perfection in key lighting, while for Stormzy it was about him being a sculptural figure with a very different vibe… We took South London to a farm.”

Tim Routledge, speaking to NME.

‘The rules of stage design are open and I always keep my eyes open in search of something unique. It’s the mix that makes it all so fascinating.

Tim Routledge, Evening Standard

Tim has previously lighted the Beijing Olympics, the Commonwealth Games and a whole host of music’s biggest names.

He’ll return to the College to deliver projects with our students over the next year.

Geri ‘Ginger Spice’ Halliwell performing at the Spice World 2019 stadium tour at Wembley. Credit @timmsy 

Find out more about out Stage Management courses here.

Feature image credit: @timmsy


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