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Masterclass: Steinway Piano Series with Simone Dinnerstein

29 September 2019

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Piano students enjoyed a day with New York based classical pianist Simone Dinnerstein, who performed as part of the College’s Steinway International Piano Series, before delivering an inspiring masterclass.

During the masterclass the students performed music from composers including Bach and Alexander Scriabin and received invaluable insights from Simone.

She helped them to develop a greater understanding of their musicality and playing styles, as she guided students on key performance elements from tempo to temperament.

Student Joshua Asokan is taught about the importance of pacing in his piano play

“The masterclass with Simone Dinnerstein was a really valuable experience because I learned how to imagine music beyond what is written in the scores,” said second year pianist, You-Jin Lee.

“It’s very important to meet and learn from such professional pianists, to understand how they try to see and interpret the composer’s intentions from the music.”

Simone with pianist You-Jin Lee

Simone listening to student Cheryl Tan’s emotive recital