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Croeso to our International Students!

15 November 2019

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Production and Design

We welcome students from all over the world into the RWCMD family!

As we hold auditions in cities throughout Asia and North America we welcome the most promising and talented students from over 45 countries, with a steady flow of visiting artists and teachers from around the globe.

Diversity and cultural exchange is hard-wired into the experience of all students at the College.

 “The arts can speak across nations in a way that many other subjects may not be able to, and Cardiff has always been an outward facing city – it was a great big port exporting across the world,” says Brian Weir, Director of Student Experience, talking to for their article, Helping New Talent take the Stage

“I think our ability to embrace other cultures is embedded into the psyche of the city itself.

But I think, as well, that the richness of Welsh culture and what we are able to offer to the world is something very distinctive, and something that deserves to be celebrated. As the College goes out to the world, so the world is coming to us.”

We caught up with some of our international students past and present about their time at RWCMD:

Yuki Minami, Japan

“The College has the best facilities and amazing teachers. It provided me a lot of amazing opportunities to perform which encouraged me.”

Kanoko Tobe, Japan
Stage Manager

“The opportunities, hands-on experiences and facilities the College has provided are amazing. I am experiencing what I could never experience back home.”

Johnna Dias-Watson and Lila Jones, USA

“RWCMD is the perfect home away from home. The College has given the support needed for a big transition!”

Kie Yamamoto, Japan
Set & Costume Design

“I have enjoyed working here so much – there’s such a strong sense of community and collaboration.”

Tianyi Lu, New Zealand

“The opportunity to work with other students here is a real joy – there are such talented people from all over the world.”

Jonas Seetoh, China

“The teachers here are so wonderful, and they are so inspiring. I have felt very happy being here.”

Find out more about how you can become an international student at the College.

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