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Musical Theatre’s ‘Spring Awakening:’ Stay Creative. Stay Hopeful

24 March 2020

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Musical Theatre

We had an amazing run-through of this term’s musical, Spring Awakening, which took place, for obvious reasons behind closed doors last week.

Over to our Head of Musical Theatre, Vivien Care who posted:

“A wonderful moment today when our brilliant RWCMD Musical Theatre students ran their performance of Spring Awakening today in the rehearsal room, a week prior to our scheduled opening night at the Sherman theatre.

These altogether brilliant students showed what we do best at RWCMD in terms of working together, and gave the performance of their lives to a brilliantly supportive audience of staff and other students, some of whom would have been performing with us as musicians next week.

Our brilliant stage management team gave us some lights and our wonderful costume department let us have the costumes, and the whole thing was astonishing, poignant, and beautiful.

Enormous thanks to our wonderful creatives Rupert Hand, Jamie Neale and Charlie Ingles who have created a wonderful show that we will always hold, with very special memories of an extraordinary time.

We are devastated of course to not perform our sold-out run next week; but for now and for all, the priority must be well-being and safety. Sending love to all from us- we’ll see you on the other side.  ”



Musical Theatre student Erin Spence (seen in the feature image) puts it better, and more poetically, than we ever could:

“It’s strange to be sitting drinking tea when I should be gearing up for tech week, stranger still to have left the house without my script for the first time in months.

Yesterday at 10:30, in a studio that is ours in a way the stage wouldn’t have been, the RWCMD MAMT class of 2020 put on a bookmark performance of Spring Awakening. We had another week before we were supposed to open. We wore costume pieces we hadn’t truly seen yet. The red sand we ordered still hadn’t arrived. It was rough and raw and difficult. It was triumphant.


I am so grateful to everyone who came, for the clandestine photos and videos I have seen popping up, to the designers and SMs and creative team for fighting beside us until the bitter end. But above all I am so grateful for my course mates, who breathed work and bled love for this project.

Coming onto this course was the best decision I have ever made, even inclusive of this madness. RWCMD has given me this family, and whatever it takes to get through this craziness to see them on the other side, I’ll be there. I’ll be there

Stay safe. Stay creative. Stay hopeful.”

Spring Awakenning costume designs by Design for Performance student Eve Martin

RWCMD Musical Theatre Class of 2020


Director, Rupert Hands

Musical Director, Charlie Ingles

Choreographer, Jamie Neale

Set and Costume Designer Eve Martin

Lighting Designer Danny Vavrecka

Sound Designer Jamie Holden

And thanks to all our amazing RWCMD creative team who helped to make this production so very special.