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Pembrokeshire Young Actors Studio Visits Cardiff

10 June 2014

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Young Actors Studio

West Wales students who started on the Young Actors Course in Pembrokeshire at Easter came to the Royal Welsh College in Cardiff on Saturday.

“The classes in Pembrokeshire have been running for four weeks now, and the students are experiencing lots of exciting and innovative ways to approach their acting and performance work,” says Michael Waters, Young Actors Studio Leader. “As well as making these Young Actor students feel that they are part of the Royal Welsh College, this visit has given them the benefit of working in the National Conservatoire for Wales, an essential part of helping to develop confidence and experience of Higher Education, and a professional environment, to prepare them for future auditions and University applications.”

The students were shown round the world-class facilities, including the performance spaces and rehearsal rooms, as well as taking their normal weekly classes in the new surroundings.

A Young Actors Student enjoying a movement workshop at Pembrokeshire College

A Young Actors Student enjoying a movement workshop at Pembrokeshire College

“I love Young Actors. It’s the highlight of my week!” enthuses Young Actor Yasemin Ozdemir. “I’ve always wanted to become an actor, or at least work within the acting and theatre industry. It’s is a brilliant opportunity as we get the chance to work with the lecturers and teachers from the Royal Welsh College as well as professional actors.

We learn more about acting and theatre: increasing our range and capabilities as an actor, and discovering things about ourselves that we didn’t know before. It makes you think differently and see how even the smallest things can boost your performance and really help you understand and get into a character. I can’t wait to go back!”


Fellow new Pembrokeshire acting student Tom Jones agrees, “Young Actors Studio is so valuable to all aspiring performers who are a part of it, and the tools and concepts provided by the lecturers, who are really friendly and knowledgeable,  have already been useful to me elsewhere in life. Young Actors Studio’s move to Pembrokeshire has given me a refreshing, fulfilling and unique experience “

Following the hugely successful start of the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama’s Young Actors Studio,  auditions will be held at Pembrokeshire College on Friday 4th July for September intake.

The year-long course, made possible with the support of Valero, the region’s most significant employer, will include specialist acting classes including Acting for Camera, Stage Combat and Audition Technique.