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ABRSM Scholarships for Junior Conservatoire Students

18 December 2014

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Junior Conservatoire

Earlier this summer, the Junior Conservatoire awarded its first ever ABRSM Scholarships to two Advanced Course students, pianist Dafydd Chapman and flautist Maddy Lloyd.

“The scholarship has helped me to continue learning at the Royal Welsh College,” said 14 year old Maddy.

“It’s certainly raised my confidence, helped me to believe in myself and made me more determined to fulfil my musical ambitions.

College has always offered me support and encouragement towards achieving my musical goals and I’m really proud to have won this award. I’ve been offered many opportunities to perform and compete and have learnt so much from the professional musicians who have supported me along the way.”

Dafydd, who is 12, agrees: “I’m now in my 4th year at the College’s Junior Conservatoire and spend my Saturdays during term time enjoying very varied music experiences. The day is really full with piano lessons and a piano workshop, a chance to play some chamber music with other students, improving my performance technique and my general knowledge and appreciation of music.”