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Sally Takes the Spotlight

1 July 2015

Congratulations to recent Musical Theatre graduate Sally Horton who has just won the first ever UCAS Conservatoire ‘Take the Spotlight’ essay competition. Her article on how she’s developed both musically and personally, and what she has learnt about herself as a performer during her studies here at RWCMD, wins Sally the top prize of £2,500.

Here’s what a UK Conservatoire will bring: A place where every day’s an opportunity to sing, a standard of teaching that trumps a University one, a platform for performing that’s second to none.

Here’s what you’ll learn from a Conservatoire: that no performer is a better you than you are, that the process is much more important than being a star, and that constant practice and persistence enable you to go far.

Here’s what to expect from your Conservatoire study: leading professionals in your field are your conversational buddies, a close-knit aggregate of fellow advocates, and the gumption to push yourself beyond assumption.

You’ll become not just a scholar but also an exceptional performer, you’re prepared not just for teaching jobs but touring jobs; stages of different shapes and sizes, for audiences that applaud or gasp and laugh at surprises. You learn to adjust to every drawback, to treat your work as a game, where mistakes are what excite you, not the lure of fame.

You can read Sally’s winning entry in full here.

Sally in RWCMD’s Musical Theatre review, ‘The World Goes Round’

Sally in RWCMD’s Musical Theatre review, ‘The World Goes Round’

The featured photo shows Sally in RWCMD’s production of Company.