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Young Actors Studio: a “Rich Source of Talent for RWCMD”

14 June 2017

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Young Actors Studio

Congratulations to the seven students graduating from RWCMD’s Young Actors Studio (YAS) who have accepted a place to study here at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama next year.

This means that from September, 15 students will have come through Young Actors Studio in the last three years to study on various courses at the College including acting and stage management and vocal performance.

“The Young Actors Studio has become a rich source of talent for the College, providing an important bridge between school and professional training.” explains Head of Drama, Dave Bond.

Ruby Hartley, Arron Cynan, Alice Satherley –Thomas (stage management) Martha Furnival, Dafydd ThAbbie Davies.

The featured post, and above, show the 2016 YAS intake: Dafydd Thomas, Ruby Hartley, Arron Cynan, Martha Furnival, Abbie Davies. Also in the main image is Alice Satherley-Thomas (stage management)

Yasemin Ozdemir is one of the most recent students from the Pembrokeshire branch of Young Actors to be accepted for the College’s Acting Course.

She recently played Juliet in the National Youth Theatre Wales’ summer production of Romeo & Juliet, and performed for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge when the Royal couple visited Young Actors studios in Pembrokeshire and Cardiff in 2014.

YAS Actors Yasemin and Gruff in NYTW Romeo and Juliet

Yasemin opposite former YAS actor, Gruff Harries (also from YAS)  in NYTW’s Romeo & Juliet

Other students have also progressed to other drama schools including RADA, LAMDA, or gone on to university or further education.

A number of current Young Actors Studio students have also been selected to join the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, with Curtis Kemlo being one of only 16 students throughout the UK selected for the prestigious Rep Company.  

Young Actors Studio in Pembrokeshire is sponsored by Valero.


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