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Jazz & Brass Quartets Celebrate #BBCMusicDay On BBC Radio Wales

21 June 2017

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RWCMD musicians helped BBC Radio Wales celebrate BBC Music Day last week, with live performances from two College quartets.

Eight students, comprising of Indigo Brass, a brass quartet, and 1+3, a Portuguese and Brazilian Jazz Quartet, featured on the Wynne Evans Show for a day of live music.

RWCMD Indigo Brass

Indigo Brass – Gareth, Emily, Matt and Emily, with Wynne Evans

This year the theme for the annual celebration was the power of music; celebrating how music can bring us together, make us feel fantastic and create unforgettable memories.

Turn your sound up and listen to Diogo, Inês, Matheus and Pedro perform as 1+3, recorded at the studios.

Any guesses who can hold the longest note between Wynne, Inês and Gareth?