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The Albion Quartet Award String Prizes

5 July 2018

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Last month the College welcomed back its String Quartet in Association, The Albion Quartet.

The quartet were here working with students from all years, inspiring them in their exploration of chamber works by amongst others, Haydn, Borodin, Shostakovich, Beethoven and Vaughan-Williams.

Nathanial Boyd, Tamsin Waley-Cohen and Emma Parker (on this occasion without their colleague Rosalind Ventris), were also the judges for this term’s four string chamber music prizes.

Prize winning Duo Samantha Drees and Callum Duggan, and the Concordia Piano Trio, with The Albion Quartet

The Alaw String Quartet (picture in the main image) won both the inaugural Albion String Quartet Prize, which gives them an opportunity to work with the Albions in a collaborative performance, and the Cardiff Violins Prize.

“We particularly encourage the playing of Haydn,” said Tamsin Waley-Cohen. “ The Alaw Quartet were unified in their use of the bow and vibrato and allowed the nuances to really come through.

They managed to stayed connected to each other in the moment and achieve a sense of unity.”

Soloist Chloe Baker won the Bridgewood & Neitzert Bach Prize.

The Bridgewood & Neitzert Chamber Music Prize was split between duo Samantha Drees and Callum Duggan, and The Concordia Piano Trio, Jose Matias, Deva Rossi and Matilde Viegas.

“It was great to see how much progress has been made and everybody who performed did fantastically well,” said The Albion Quartet’s Nathaniel Boyd.

“The difference from when we visited last autumn is extraordinary.”

Congratulations to all the students that took part.


The Alaw Quartet are pictured in the main image with The Albion Quartet: L-R Emma Parker, Tamsin Waley-Cohen, Nia Thomas, Emma Curtis and Robyn Bell, and Nathaniel Boyd. (Angharad James not pictured). The Albion Quartet’s work with the College is supported by Ian Stoutzker.