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Welcome to our New Alumni of 2018!

Congratulations to all our brand new alumni! We want to encourage you all to keep in touch with us:

The community spirit of the College is well known, and graduating students will have experienced it throughout their time with us as students,”  said Brian Weir, Director of Student Experience.

“However, graduating shouldn’t mean that they’re not still a large part of our College community. We really want to continue to support our students after they’ve left, helping them to connect with other alumni and making sure they’re not stepping out into the world alone.”

As part of its ongoing alumni project, the College has set up a new alumni association for recent graduates. With free membership and other benefits including careers advice and guidance, its also a great chance to keep in touch with College friends.

Project archivist Judith Dray with Head of Library Services Megan Wiley showing items from the College’s archive

As part of the alumni project the College’s project archivist Judith Dray has been rummaging in the archives, exploring the College’s heritage ahead of its 70th birthday next year. Some of the posters and photographs she has found were on display at the alumi event.

If you graduated this year then do join up via the alumni association website,” said Brian.  “And as part of our 70th anniversary next year, we are aiming to formally invite all of our previous graduates to join our new alumni association.”