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International Chair in Historical Performance: Jeremy West

25 January 2019

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Historical Performance

Jeremy West is the College’s new Hodge International Chair in Historical Performance.

“I am both delighted and greatly honoured to have been appointed to this post,” said Jeremy. “The International Chair programme enables us to pursue opportunities for the students which can sometimes be difficult to fund, opening doors that may otherwise have remained closed. It is, without doubt, a great gift to the College with potential to greatly enrich the students’ lives and education. This post will secure my strong ties and loyalties to College.”


Jeremy, who is also a Fellow of the College, has already played a key role in enabling RWCMD brass students to perform on reproductions of renaissance and early baroque instruments in an historically informed style.



The RWCMD cornett and sackbutt ensemble has become a core College ensemble. Their recent summer tour to Israel and Palestine, playing in Nazareth, Jerusalem and Bethlehem, led to a recording of the works performed.

This year they plan to tour to Singapore with Girton College, Cambridge, as well as Cremona and Venice.

Jeremy has also been working on plans to benefit students from across all musical disciplines. Future performances are planned at Girton and other Cambridge Colleges, Gloucester Cathedral with Adrian Partington, and RWCMD projects with RWCMD Chamber Choir.

Side-by-side projects will also continue with Jeremy’s prestigious His Majestys Sagbutts & Cornetts.