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Sound Bar Nights @ RWCMD

13 February 2019

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Thursday night was Composition Night in the College foyer as we launched a new free event for the College foyer – exploring new and existing electronic works by staff and students of the composition dept.

First year composition student, Natalie Roe performed her two pieces Collective and Time, the results of her first experimentations with electronic music and using technology to compose.

“I’m fairly new to the electronic side of composition however since coming here I’ve loved exploring this area of music. I’ve particularly enjoyed being exposed to such a wide variety of music as we study both notational and electronic composition.

Time challenges the concept of time, and how it can feel faster or slower in certain situations. I used audio recordings of workshop machinery, field recordings from Bute Park and  of a ‘keyboard’ made out of glasses of water. I also incorporated spoken word by using various different poems and definitions about time.”

You can listen to a sample of Time here:

Collective is five pieces of audio, using sounds recorded from around Natalie’s new accommodation, and using Logic Pro X to manipulate these to create a response to her new surroundings. Linking these pieces is the audio of two clocks ticking phased throughout, inspired by the work of Pierre Schaeffer.

“I’m looking forward to exploring electronic music further and am currently writing a piece which also includes words to develop my lyric writing skills,” said Natalie. “I really appreciate being part of such a supportive, inspiring and friendly department in the college, and love working with graduate Tic Ashfield who helping me to broaden my knowledge of electronic music.”

Third year student Kirsten Evans was one of the two main RWCMD composers chosen by Cardiff born artist James Richards to help in the creation of his Wales In Venice Biennale exhibition in collaboration with Chapter Arts. She performed her piece, 1+2.

“Electronic composition is integral to our course and it’s great to have Sound Bar as a platform to share work we are proud of to a wider audience in such a relaxed and inclusive environment,” she said.

1+2 included a live vocal performance, performed by myself, and revolved around the creation of an electronica track that has links to both popular and ‘academic’ genres.

Our Chamber Tuesdays, which are free events during term-time, allow us to work with other instruments, mixing jazz, percussion and using film and visuals.”

“One of the great things about the course is that it’s so flexible and comprehensive, so you can experience everything from harmony to counterpoint to conducting before you decide to specialize.

We study musical technology in almost all its forms – recording, multi-track studio production, computer programming – and can build our own course, creating our individual portfolio based on what you decide to take forward.”

Listen to Kirsten’s track 1+2 here.

Chamber Tuesdays take place in the College foyer during term-time.

The next Sound Bar is on Thursday 14 March at 6.30pm. See you there!

The featured image shows Kirsten at a composition evening at Chapter Arts Centre.


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