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Atmospheres 2019: In Pictures

22 May 2019

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Celebrating this year’s three-day festival of new and original music: Atmospheres showcases an eclectic mix of world premieres produced by composers from the College as well as performances by special guests.

Here’s a snapshot of the festival in instagram, tweets and photographs:

Head of composition John Hardy said, “Ultimately on the course we are looking for that personal voice, the student’s individuality, and a way to realise their potential through their training, and all the opportunities available to them throughout their time at the College.

This means not only that each year every festival is different, but also that every piece performed is unique.

There is no brief or guidelines, each student is free to explore whatever captures their imagination. “

Composer Nathan Pallotto rehearsing in the foyer

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Atmospheres 2019 (3-5 May) Take a look at rehearsals for Looking Glass (Sylvia Villa) A piece for solo dance and mixed ensemble What if mirrors could show us what hid deep within? What if all of our memories, actions, secrets and pain were painted before us on one big reflective canvas? Would you be captivated enough to inspect closer? Or, would you look away in fear? We collage our world with images of our faces every single day. Perhaps, it is time to own up to who we are, not just how we look. Tickets: £7, £5 concession Saturday 4 May 2pm in the Dora Stoutzker Hall #RWCMDAtmospheres19 __ Awyrgylch 2019 Dyma cipolwg o ymarferion ar gyfer Looking Glass (Sylvia Villa) Darn ar gyfer dawns unigol ac ensemble cymysg Beth petai drychau’n gallu dangos i ni yr hyn sydd wedi’i guddio’n ddwfn oddi mewn? Beth petai ein holl atgofion, gweithredoedd, cyfrinachau a’n poenau yn cael eu paentio o’n blaenau ar un ganfas adlewyrchol fawr? A fyddai gennym ddigon o ddiddordeb i archwilio’n fanylach? Neu, a fyddem yn troi i ffwrdd mewn ofn? Rydym yn llenwi ein byd gyda delweddau o’n wynebau bob dydd. Efallai ei bod yn bryd i wynebu pwy ydym ni, nid dim ond sut rydym yn edrych. Tocynnau £7, £5 consesiynau Sadwrn 4 Mai 2pm yn y Neuadd Dora Stoutzker

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Composer Trailand Eltzroth discussing a rehearsal with technical theatre staff. This is the first time the new DIGICO SD12 digital sound desk has been used in a College performance

Kirsten Evans in her Music Box, with Odilon Marcenaro, lecturer in Music & Recording Services Manager

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Atmospheres 19 Everything Else In Their World Is Solid (Philippa Anning) Philippa Anning is a fourth year RWCMD composition student and for Atmospheres 19 she’s created ‘Everything Else In Their World Is Solid’, an audio-visual installation that explores the malleability of the forming mind. Here’s what Philippa had to say about her work for the festival this year: “For my final project at the College as a student, it seemed only fitting to focus my creation on biographical material; exploring VHS footage from my childhood. Not only has it been so special to look back on home videos from almost 20 years ago, but it has been a powerful learning experience, discovering what has shaped me into the young composer I am now as I embark on a professional career.” Catch Everything Else In Their World is Solid in our S4C Studio on Saturday 4 May from 11am. • Awyrgylch 19 Everything Else In Their World Is Solid (Philippa Anning) Mae Philippa Anning yn fyfyrwraig cyfansoddi CBCDC yn ei blwyddyn olaf ac ar gyfer Awyrgylch 19 mae hi wedi creu Everything Else In Their World Is Solid, gosodiad clyweledol sy’n archwilio hydrinedd y meddwl sy’n ffurfio. Gwelwch uchod beth oedd gan Philippa i ddweud am ei gwaith i’r ŵyl eleni. Daliwch Everything Else In Their World Is Solid yn ein Stiwdio S4C o 11am.

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Jasper Dommett conducting the contemporary opera Spinning Jenny, directed by Emily Bishai, and composed by Derri Lewis & Tayla-Leigh Payne, in the foyer

Freddie Hill in the Dora Stoutzker Hall, at the start of rehearsals for his composition, ‘Pride’ – a musical deconstruction of the iconic rainbow flag as a series of bold and distinct chamber works

Conductor Christopher Holley in rehearsals for Trailand Eltzroth’s Above the Stars in the Richard Burton Theatre


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Atmospheres 19 Benthic (by Dylan Champagne) part of the Saturday Triple Bill Dylan Champagne is an MMus student who’s piece ‘Benthic’ will be performed as part of the Saturday Triple Bill, alongside Archipelago by Jon Sims and Pride by Freddie Hill. Benthic uses an unconventional ensemble (two string quartets set up in mirror image, with two bassoons and a double bass) as a musical metaphor for the mind. Here’s what Dylan had to say about his involvement in this year’s festival: “Composition is such a lone-wolf endeavour most of the time, so I’m most excited to hear what everyone has been up to. I’m also excited to share my Atmosphere’s piece, of course – which overtly explores connections between the subconscious and the conscious mind. It has been a real treat to work completely within the context of a live acoustic ensemble.” Catch Atmospheres 19’s Saturday Triple Bill on 4 May at 7:30pm #rwcmdatmospheres19 _ Awyrgylch 19 Benthic (gan Dylan Champagne) rhan o Dair Cyngerdd Sadwrn Mae Dylan Champagne yn fyfyriwr MMus a bydd ei darn ‘Benthic’ yn cael ei berfformio fel rhan o Dair Cyngerdd Sadwrn, ochr yn ochr â Archipelago gan Jon Sims a Pride gan Freddie Hill. Mae Benthic yn defnyddio ensemble anghonfensiynol (dau bedwarawd llinynnol wedi’u gosod fel adlewyrchiad o'i gilydd, gyda dau fasŵn a dau fas dwbl) fel trosiad cerddorol o’r meddwl. Gwelwch uchod beth oedd gan Dylan ei ddweud am ei gyfranogiad yn yr ŵyl eleni. Daliwch Tair Cyngerdd Sadwrn Awyrgylch 19 ar 4 Mai am 7:30pm

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Odilon recorded most of the performances on his youtube channel:

Click here for more information on the Composition course.

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