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Meet Killing Eve’s Hugo: Graduate Edward Bluemel

7 June 2019

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It’s finally here. Killing Eve Series 2 starts in the UK on BBC 1 this Saturday.

And joining this series will be RWCMD’s very own Edward Bluemel, playing new boy Hugo.

The latest member to join Carolyn’s team, Hugo is described as manipulative, with no moral compass, ‘gleefully hateable’ …

Sounds like he’ll fit right in.

Edward and Nina Sosanya in Killing Eve 2

You’ll recognise Edward from his recent previous roles, Maeve’s wayward brother, Sean, in Netflix’s Sex Education, and in Sky One’s A Discovery of Witches, both made here in Wales.

Edward, who graduated in 2015, told us how much studying acting at the Royal Welsh College meant to him:

“Royal Welsh College has been hugely influential in my career,” he said.

“It taught me all the tools I needed to then be released out into the terrifying and ridiculous world of acting: from invaluable vocal skills, to helping me abandon my inhibitions and learn to really enjoy and relish my time on stage, screen or radio.”

We found some Hugo-type photos of Edward in his final year productions at the College.

Practising to be Hugo. Edward in Strange Orchestra by Rodney Ackland. Photo: Kirsten McTernan


Is this a sign of things to come in Series 2? Or is it Edward in A Winter’s Tale at RWCMD. Photo: Michael Shelford


Musing, with just a hint of menace, in Longing by William Boyd. Photo: Kirsten McTernan

Getting into character: Edward’s Actor’s Showcase from 2015

Learn more about Killing Eve’s love-to-hate new star, and Edward in his Evening Standard interview, and the Radio Times Meet the Cast.

Just be warned before you start searching twitter for all those Hugo memes. Killing Eve 2 has already screened in the US – you might find out more than you want to!

Killing Eve Series Two starts on BBC1 on Saturday 8 June.