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Atmospheres Radio: The College Music Community On Air

17 April 2020

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With our live performances temporarily postponed, we’ve taken our music online. Atmospheres Radio broadcasts every day, and will showcase the music of the College community.

“It provides a round-the-clock playlist of interesting music in all sorts of genres, with the only common denominator that all the music has a connection to the college,” explains Odilon Marcenaro, RWCMD lecturer in Music Technology, who has set up the new station.

“I initially created Atmospheres Radio to give composition students a platform to listen to each other’s work while not being able to be in the same room.

But it’s very quickly becoming a platform for work by students, staff and friends of the College.”

But why Atmospheres Radio?

“The name came about because Head of Composition John Hardy and myself quickly realised that this could become a possible substitute for the college’s annual Atmospheres showcase event – our three-day festival celebrating new and original music produced by composers from the College.

Composer Kirsten Evans in her Music Box, at last year’s Atmospheres Festival. Photo Kirsten McTernan

This way the students would still be able to have a public performance of their work.

Everyone was really enthusiastic about this idea, and after chatting with Head of Jazz Paula Gardiner we decided to create an online version of AmserJazzTime – our free weekly Friday night jazz event.

Paula put out a call for tracks from her students and colleagues, and within a few days we had enough material for an hour-long live programme, with live introductions from me and a phone-in with Paula.

Given that we got nearly 100 listeners for this first show, we decided to resume AmserJazztime online, starting on May 1st to coincide with the start of the Atmosphere’s festival.”

Composition students, Natalie Roe and Jake Thorpe, have created their own show, The Nat and Jake Show – to feature new work and interviews with student composers on the new station.

Their first pre-recorded show was broadcast on April 3rd after a repeat of the previous week’s jazztime, and has been a great success.

Their next show is on April 17th and features a group discussion with the composers who worked on the NEW:2020 season of original plays, and in-depth interviews with composition students and performers.

All episodes of The Nat and Jake Show will be available at shortly after broadcast.

Watch out for a blog post from Nat and Jake coming up next week!

Listen in to RWCMD Atmospheres Radio here.

Find out more about our Composition courses here.

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