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BBC Young Musician @RWCMD: Harpist Huw in Category Finals

13 May 2020

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Congratulations to Junior Conservatoire harpist Huw Boucher who’s competing as a strings finalist in the BBC Young Musician of the Year. Only a very few harpists in the history of the competition reach this final stage.

The prestigious event for young musicians is held every two years and is made up of five rounds, ending with the filmed category finals. You can enjoy these every Sunday in May on BBC Four, and find out more about the competition and its competitors on the BBC Young Musician website.

Huw, who got through to the second round in the 2018 competition, told us about his experience filming the finals in the Dora Stoutzker Hall:

“The BBC Young Musician Competition offered me an experience that I will never forget, and I hope this will lead to more opportunities in the music world in the future. The overall experience was amazing and taught me so many new things. The highlights were doing all the interviews, being in front of cameras and having the opportunity to play to such a huge audience.

After being in the 2018 competition, I realised that I needed to be very, very prepared for each round, so my programme for each round was prepared two years in advance.”

“Preparing for the category final was quite stressful, but the competition organisers gave me lots of help and guidance to cope with it. I’m  also extremely grateful for all the support I’ve had from the College in preparation for the competition.”

Huw’s parents, Tania and Nigel, said, “we’re extremely proud of Huw’s achievements in this highly-regarded competition”.

“The BBC Young Musician is at the pinnacle of competitions for young musicians and the standard of playing is world-class,” said Patricia Keir, Head of the College’s Junior Conservatoire.

“Huw’s a wonderful harpist and his progress is the result of many years of hard work and dedication. Huge congratulations to Huw and his teacher, Kathryn, on this outstanding achievement.”

BBC Young Musician at RWCMD 

BBC Young Musician takes place at the College every other year. As Head of Music Performance Kevin Price comments:

“Working with the BBC for so many years has been an absolute joy for us at the College, sharing the same belief that the future of the arts lies with our young people. More than looking for a winner, they focus on providing a nurturing, and encouragement and supportive place for anyone entering the competition.”

“They work with professional musicians and take such care to prepare the students for talking and playing in front of the camera so they can perform to the best of their abilities. It’s about the opportunity and the quality of the music they create.

“The final group of selected students from all around the UK being profiled in the competition can come to our Dora Stoutzker Hall – which has the facilities, light and sound quality to make it a natural studio – to hear the stars of the future. “

Huw’s studies at the Junior Conservatoire are supported by a Gareth Jones Scholarship

Find out more about studying at the College’s Junior Conservatoire on our course pages.

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