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A Space for Everyone: RWCMD Launches its Strategic Equality Plans

4 November 2020

In the week that the College publishes its first Strategic Equalities Plan, annual Equality Action Plan and Anti-Racism Plan, Principal Helena Gaunt, and our Hodge International Chair of Diversity, Uzo Iwobi came together on video to discuss the challenges – see below:

‘It’s so important that we recognise the many different ways that people are discriminated against, and the ways in which the world is not equal, said Helena. ‘That’s the excellence we want to reach towards for the College, equality across all these dimensions.’

‘We’re only as strong as the weakest moments in which we’re able to live and breathe equality. This is a long journey, but we’re on that journey now.’

‘It’s a journey that is shared between all of us. This has to be owned throughout our whole community, students, staff, our Board of Directors, our audience, by everyone.

Setting out the College’s main objectives for the next five years, our Strategic Equality Plan is backed up by an annual action plan, ensuring that progress is monitored.

All protected characteristics are included in the Strategic Equality Plan and annual Equality Action Plan.

Alongside this, and directly linked to it, is our Anti-Racism Plan – an illustration of how equality, diversity and inclusion is promoted for the protected characteristic of race. It shows the actions we’ll take this year and in future to create the kind of inclusive College experience we all want to share.

‘When we listen and hear and are willing to learn, we can make incredible changes and strides,’ said Uzo. ‘We want to be the College that leads with excellence in all areas of life.’

‘It’s so heartening to see people coming together to draw up a document that is co-produced and that we all sign up to, saying, ‘This is our roadmap to a better future together’.’

Find out more about the Strategic Equality Plan, the annual Equality Action Plan and the Anti-Racism Plan on our website.