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Designing The Hunchback of Notre Dame

1 July 2019

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TK Hay is the designer behind the amazing set for our current production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Originally from Singapore, TK is now in his final year studying Design for Performance.

He talks to us about the challenges of bringing this famous Cathedral to life inside the Richard Burton Theatre.

Creating Notre Dame inside the Richard Burton Theatre. Photo: TK Hay

My experience here at College has helped me develop my skills in model-making and scenic crafts. In my final year I’ve also been able to flesh out my work in a management role culminating in the design of the College’s production and performance of Hunchback.

All this experience has given me the confidence to recreate the cathedral to bring the musical to life.

It involved creating a 6m-in-diameter stained glass window, based on the North Rose in Notre Dame, which can be found hoisted above the audience in the College’s Richard Burton Theatre.

It’s added to my previous experience of working with designers such as Francis O’Connor, and award-winning College graduates Madeleine Girling and Tom Scutt, as well as a placement at the National Theatre.

One of the biggest challenges has been keeping the designs faithful to Disney’s work. I’m used to designing and creating more intimate sets, rather than the big, bold nature of the Hunchback production’s cathedral. This has meant I’ve had to take the scale into consideration yet still deliver the required detail for the show.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is running at the College until Wednesday 3rd July – limited tickets available

Find out more about TK’s work on his website, and more about the Design for Performance course here.

Photos: Kirsten McTernan

Creative Team:

Director: Graham Gill

Musical Director: Michael Morwood

Choreographer: Grace Warner

Set Designer TK Hay

Lighting Designer: Rachel Astall

Sound Designer Nathan Williams

Costume Designer: Yu Lin


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